Dr Scholls Diabetic Socks

Sufferers of diabetes know all of the hardships that must be endured due to their disease. There are many life altering impacts that are caused by this health issue, one of the most common is blood pooling or clotting, the main reason why so many diabetics have such poor blood circulation. This problem most commonly occurs in the feet. This is common sense, gravity will naturally pull blood towards the lower extremities. In this article we will discuss how a simple, fairly inexpensive product, diabetic socks, can help improve your chances at avoiding certain diabetes related health problems.

Because of the lack of proper blood flow, many diabetics will begin to develop blood pooling in their feet. This can lead to many serious health problems. Blood clots are likely to occur when blood is trapped in a certain part of the body for a prolonged period of time. This clot can be passed through the body to a vital organ such as the heart or brain, causing heart attack or stroke. Although you may feel that that particular health hazard is the worst that could happen and you would be right, having a heart attack or a stroke is a life threatening problem, but is not the only thing that can occur due to poor circulation and blood pooling.

Many times a diabetic will develop sores and lesions on their feet. These wounds will often go unnoticed as diabetics tend to have damage to their nerves, another side effect of their lack of circulation. This nerve damage will prevent the diabetic from noticing the problem that has occurred. This wound may seem trivial but can easily become infected, which could quite possibly lead to a blood infection or even amputation.

Although many diabetes related health issues are unavoidable, there are a few things that you can do to help promote healthy blood flow from your feet back into your body. Diabetic socks are made to slightly constrict the blood vessels that deliver blood to your feet while allowing the blood to easily return to the body. Dr scholls diabetic socks are a perfect example of a simple product that is not very costly and can considerably help promote increased circulation.

As you can see, even though there is not a cure for this terrible disease, there are a few simple ways that you can help avoid certain complications that are associated with it.

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Dr Scholls Diabetic Socks

Foot Problems Associated With Diabetes

Neuropathy - This is nerve damage in the foot that could stop a diabetes sufferer from feeling injuries such as blisters, calluses, or infection.

Skin Changes - Diabetics are much more susceptible to calluses. This will be expedited by low blood circulation on high pressure points on the foot. Diabetic socks or shoes may help reduces calluses.

Foot Ulcers - Foot Ulcers will often occur on the big toe or heel. It is important to have foot ulcers seen by a medical professional, regardless of whether they hurt or not, as foot ulcers can lead to infection in the foot.

Amputation - The biggest foot issue that diabetics have to deal with is amputation. Amputation will become necessary when poor circulation and nerve damage lead to infection. This is why taking extra precautions is very important to diabetics. You may want to look into diabetic socks and, or shoes.

Dr Scholls Diabetic Socks